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BIM objects are a family of intelligent virtual 3D objects that provide detailed information of a product or component about its physical characteristics such as its geometry and visual graphical representation. The BIM object simulates the real-world behavior and specifications in exactly the same way as the product itself enabling it to be used in the BIM model of the project in which it is to be utilized. Product manufacturers usually embed the BIM objects in the product catalogs which are subsequently used by the project engineers and architects searching for the specific product.

Every object embeds a set of metadata such as product literature, standard details, technical datasheets, NBS specifications, model number and warranty information.


Objectos BIM


There are two types of BIM objects namely, components object and layered objects.

  • The component objects are product models which have a distinct 3D geometry such as windows, doors, boilers etc.

  • Layered objects or material objects are products models that do not have a distinct geometry or size such as floors, roofing, walls, and ceilings.


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