What We Can Do For You


BIM Implementation Support

One of the keys to successful BIM implementation is maintaining its commitment to the process and not resort to inefficient ways of working. A good support infrastructure needs to be in place at the beginning to help you overcome obstacles and alleviate initial inefficiencies during the learning phase.

The PBIMIS can be the partner to support the BIM Implementation

We can provide the following services to help you:

  • Process Audit
  • Strategic planning
  • Investment plan
  • Development of BIM Standards
  • Conversion of Library CAD (blocks, symbols, labels, etc.) to BIM models
  • Drawings Converting 2D to 3D BIM model
  • Development Plan of Implementation BIM
  • Integrated Training
  • Technical support
  • BIM management and / or quality control service

BIM Modeling

Today PBIMIS stands as a leader in the genre of providing highest quality  Integrated Services about BIM

We have helped the Architecture, Engineering and Contractors firms to perform the BIM Design/Construction Model, Tender Doc to Construction Documentation and Clash Report for coordination, in Construction and Design stages. 

Some of our services also in BIM modeling include:

  • Converting 2D drawings to 3D BIM performing Constructability Reviews on the design part
  • Generating quantities from the 3D model
  • BIM Coordination model for Subcontractors
  • Creating As-built drawings from 3D BIM model after project completion
  • Creation Site logistic models prior to construction
  • Clash Coordination
  • 4D Simulation

BIM Training

PBIMIS provides a unique, hands-on approach to BIM training that leverages existing projects to get teams up-to-speed with minimal downtime and loss of productivity. Each training exercise is designed specifically to address the experience level and needs of the project team or client firm, with no time wasted covering material that is not immediately applicable. After a hands-on introduction to platform-specific BIM concepts and functionality, the focus shifts to the direct application of these methodologies on client projects. This approach produces an immediate understanding of the benefits of BIM for project stakeholders.