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Most of the well-known Design-Build companies have an objective validation of the in-house BIM models. This ensures that the information contained in the Building Information Model (BIM) is accurate and consistent. The process consists of standard checks such as checking the folder structure, naming conventions, drawing and sheet naming, as well as comprehensive checks such as design verification and validation and adherence to building code. To ensure that outputs such as CD sets, shop drawings and quantity bills (BOQ) from your BIM model are reliable, it is mandatory to adhere to industry best practices, standards and LOD.

Our extensive experience in the creation of BIM models for a variety of building types, such as commercial / residential buildings, hospitals, prisons, schools, metro stations and water treatment plants, as well as industrial plants, can be used to review the BIM model against the indented design and to solve any anomalies in order to give you the best result. Our expertise with both imperial and metric systems ensures that all validations such as detail levels, naming standards and other design criteria are properly documented and complied with.

BIM Audit Checklist:

  • Compliance to processes and standards
  • Compliance to BIM execution protocol
  • BIM capability assessment for all the scope of work involved in that project
  • Model accuracy verification against the design intent
  • All drawing and other schedule outputs have been managed per the standards and requirement
  • Are regular Model Review & Model Checking procedures being followed and reported?
  • Federated Model being used for 3D coordination & clash detection
  • Federated Model being used for sequencing, programming & planning (4D BIM)
  • Federated Model being used for quantity take-off and cost control (5D BIM)
  • Models being used for performance analysis (6D BIM)
  • Structural Analysis
  • Energy Analysis
  • Lifecycle Cost Analysis
  • Operational Asset Information Models for Facilities Management (7D BIM)
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